BG Consultancy

Welcome to the globalised world of BG Consultancy, a part of multi-industry company, BG Group. BG Consultancy specialises in three different activities - business abroad, study abroad and work abroad. We have representatives in India, soon we're expanding to Malaysia and other Asian countries.

Registered office


ul Puławska 45a/54
05-500 Warsaw-Piaseczno, Poland.

+48 512 305 707

India representative - Soumik Basu, mobile: +918806038428

Our services

Business abroad

In this globalised world it is even more important to have your presence in different parts of the world. Want to enter different markets? Thinking about how to deal with the local bureaucracy, taxation, recruitment, market research etc. We can help you

  • set up your overseas branch or subsidiary,
  • understand the taxation,
  • recruit new people,
  • understand the market,
  • immigrate to the new country on the basis of your newly set-up company. Let us know which European or Asia country you would like to enter. 

Study abroad 

Want to study abroad? Wondering where to start? You are in the right place at the right time. Whether it's Bachelor's or Master's, B-school or tech school, Europe or Asia, we have got them all covered. At present, we are enrolling students for courses in 2016 in Austria, Hungary and Poland. 

Work abroad

Have got a job but your employer does not want to process the work permit. We can help process it on behalf of your employer. All they have to do is send relevant documents to us. 


Feel free to write to us and we will get back to you with necessary details. Please watch this space regularly and our facebook page for updates. 

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