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Why US?

With offices in Poland, India and United Arab Emirates (Dubai), BG Consultancy is continuing to grow and looking for individuals to help us in our goal. We are arguably one of the fastest growing enterprises in the business and investment services in Poland and India. Our team of experts have more than fifteen years of experience in international business and investment covering a wide variety of sectors ranging from oil & gas to media & entertainment and from FMCG to raising finance.

We are actively cooperating with several organisations eg. Polish Chamber of Commerce (KIG), Polish Investment Agency (PAIH), Pro Mexico, etc. and participate in business summits and seminars eg. Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017, Poland - India Business Night 2017, Poland - Mexico Business Seminar 2017 etc.


Our core services focus on five verticals
which are intertwined in several ways.

We, at BG Consultancy, help you explore and understand the complex world of global investment. We break it down to simple factors which are a lot easier to comprehend so that you save your precious time. There are unique investment opportunities across the globe which are up for grabs and it is up to you whether you are ready for them. Our presence in important investment markets will help you navigate your way through uncharted paths and finally lead you to unimaginable treasure. We also help you unwind the intertwined wires of cross-border tax issues.

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Why Choose us

There are several reasons what set us apart

  • Providing insight-based, integrated, customised advice and solutions
  • Driving business by adding value and being engaged whenever, wherever
  • Creating innovative strategies
  • In-house local experts catering to different markets through our international offices
  • Developing long-term relations with clients
  • Winning clients’ trust
  • Getting recommended by satisfied clients

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